Agricultural Equipment Cluster Ltd. started as the Croatian Cluster of Agricultural Equipment under the operational leadership of the CEA National Centre for Clusters, supported by the Osijek-Baranja County, the City of Osijek, the European Commission and the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship.

Initial activity of establishing cluster was a combination of «bottom up» and «top down» approach and it was directed towards identifying the interests of business partners and their products that show potential for the development and production of agricultural equipment for domestic and foreign markets.

Agricultural Equipment Cluster includes several firms that have been producing professional and hobby equipment for many years – farm equipment, machines for agricultural production such as ploughs, seeders, harrows, planters, tillers, fertilizer spreaders, sprayers and cultivators, even tractors and combine harvesters. There are also several manufacturers that produce machinery and equipment for the so-called «weekend-programme».

Furthermore, many of these firms have significant capacities in developing tools and working with metal, capacities for iron casting and producing different kinds of castings for various applications, from shipbuilding and car industry to community programmes and consumer goods. Several of these firms offer services and manufacture final products for well-known global brands Honda, Bertolini, Briggs&Stratton, Stiga, RAU, EMAK, Keijsers, Deutz-Fahr…, and they also cherish the tight cooperation with companies like Lombardini, Sauer Danfoss, Linde etc.