Agricultural Equipment Cluster Ltd. was registered at the Commercial Court in Osijek Tt-09/1082-7, July 14, 2009, in Osijek on the premises of Technology Development Centre, Trg Ljudevita Gaja 6.

Cluster founders (stakeholders) are:

Through the initiative of founding Croatian Agricultural Cluster 81 firm and 2 research institutions were contacted, and 42 of them signed a letter of intent on joining the cluster. The companies are mostly from Osijek-Baranja County. In that period cluster members employed 3843 workers.

Companies that signed the permanent consortium contract – associated partners

  • Potens d.o.o.
    M.Gupca 69, 31222 Cret Bizovački
    production of agricultural and forest machinery and equipment
  • Solus d.o.o.
    Kralja Tomislava 330, 31404 Vladislavci
    production of metal products and trade
  • B.M.V. Metal d.o.o.
    Vukovarska 142, 31540 Donji Miholjac
    production of trailers and agricultural machinery
  • Same Deutz–Fahr Žetelice d.o.o.
    Industrijska 5, 32270 Županja
    combine production
  • Agroservis proizvodnja d.o.o.
    Stjepana Radića 136, 33000 Virovitica
    production of metal constructions and its parts, production of agricultural machinery
  • Tofrado d.o.o.
    Ante Starčevića 16, 34310 Pleternica
    wire production
  • TANG Tvornica alata d.o.o.
    Stepinca 36, 35400 Nova Gradiška
    production of industrial forgings, hand tools, working in metal, heat treatment, aluminium castings, and plastic elements through injection
  • Strojarstvo Čalopek
    Pušćine, Čakovečka 136, 40305 Nedelišće
    production of agricultural and forest machinery
  • Megametal
    Varaždinska 45, 40305 Nedelišće
    production of agricultural and forest machinery
  • Leško d.o.o.
    Brodec 3, 40316 Vratišinec
    production of agricultural and forest machinery, production of sprayers
  • Stijeg d.o.o.
    Koprivnička 23, 42230 Ludbreg
    production of agricultural machinery, metal work
  • Čipčić d.o.o.
    Križevačka cesta 3b, 43000 Bjelovar
    production of equipment for cattle breeding, pig farming and agriculture
  • Metalac CO
    J.J. Strossmayera 128b, 31500 Našice
    production of fasteners, agricultural machinery, and additional parts for the machinery
  • Mario-Laser d.o.o.
    Mile Budaka 1, 35000 Slavonski Brod
    precision metal sheet processing

Together with the production companies, we cooperate with scientific-research and development institutions, such as the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Technology-Development Centre in Osijek, the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, the Department of Engineering, as well as with companies that are primarily engaged in design, development and general services of high technological level that create products with high added value, which has been recognized as one of the key directions of this cluster.

At the Annual General Assembly meeting of Agricultural Equipment Cluster held on the 4th of May 2012 in Kutina, a Code of Ethics of Agricultural Equipment Cluster was unanimously adopted. Here, we also attached the Code of Business Ethics of Croatian Chambre of Commerce. Both documents can be downloaded from here:

Code of Ethics of Agricultural Equipment Cluster (128 KB)
Code of Business Ethics of Croatian Chambre of Commerce (128 KB)