IV Workshop: “Cluster Networking and Development Prospects in the Danube Region” Vukovar, Croatia , 12th and 13th December 2016, European Strategy for Danube Region and Priority Area 8

16. 12. 2016.

The purpose of this workshop was to share experiences and best practices of clusters, especially to exchange cluster experiences concerning the financial perspectives and the establishment and development of clusters. It was also an opportunity to gain insight into the mainstream of EU macro-regional events that occurred during 2016.
Vukovar cluster workshop, was the event planned for the Priority Area 8 of the European strategy for the Danube region (PA 8 EUSDR) in 2016 and it covered the full range of cluster topics and was the final point to close the cluster circle ended in 2016.

Topics of the workshop were the following:

  • Cluster as Tool to Implement S3 in Danube Region
  • New role of clusters in regional development
  • Towards sustainable cluster business models and role of policy
  • Building new industry through clusters
  • Cluster in bioeconomy

Cluster Manager of Agricultural Equipment Cluster participated in the workshop as moderator of fourth session entitled “Building new industry through clusters”.