Entrepreneur Day, Zagreb, 11.04.2019

12. 6. 2019.

Entrepreneur Day – “Croatia: state of innovation or improvisation?” was held at the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel in Zagreb. The conference was opened by the President of the HUP, Mrs. Gordana Deranja, praising and congratulating the Croatian Government on the growth rate for the first quarter of this year, which brought a record 1.8 percent GDP growth rate, the largest within the EU, compared to the previous quarter.
Growth rate, compared to the same quarter last year was a high 3.9 percent, the third highest growth rate in the EU after Poland and Hungary. She also commended the reduction of the tax burden on entrepreneurs, and after that she harshly reminded Government representatives what they still promised to implement.
Finance Minister Zdravko Maric praised the Government’s success in terms of the announced increase in Croatia’s credit rating to the investment level by Fitch’s agency from BB+ to BBB-. The reason for the improvement was the surplus of the state budget and fiscal consolidation, all of which was reflected by a certain presentation and charts. This year, Standard & Poor’s has already announced a Croatian credit rating to that of “investment”. President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, also commended the initial successes of the Government, but at the same time emphasized that it is insufficient and that without serious structural reforms that are not really started, there will be no significant economic jump towards the medium-developed EU countries because at this moment we are at the very bottom of the EU 28.