Agricultural Equipment Cluster at the office of Osijek-Baranja County prefect Vladimir Sisljagic

12. 5. 2017.

Agricultural Equipment Cluster was a guest at the Office of Osijek-Baranja County mayor Vladimir Sisljagic, and the forementioned meeting was also attended by few Cluster members Eurometal Ltd. and Pecka Ltd., which were represented by Hinko Rulofs and Vladimir Bestvina.

They talked about Cluster activities and future plans, whereby the county prefect emphasized that Osijek-Baranja County recognized the project of association of small and medium enterprises in the Agriculture Equipment Cluster with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of domestic production of agricultural machinery. It was pointed out that the county had co-financed Agricultural Equipment Cluster projects for 10 years so far. In particular those related to the internationalization of business.

In the project of participation and exhibition of agricultural machinery at the “Agritechnica 2017” Fair in Hanover, the Cluster was awarded 25.000 kunas by the County. The possibility of using funds for retraining workers was also discussed, especially for those professions that are scarce in the market, but required by cluster members operations. For this purpose, Osijek-Baranja County has certain financial resources that could be employed to carry out specific worker retraining in cooperation with the Agricultural Equipment Cluster and certified entities that would realize this as a joint project.