Visit to AGRITECH 2018 in Tel Aviv – Israel

13. 5. 2018.

As a member of the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, led by Minister Tomislav Tolusic, Director of Agricultural Equipment Cluster visited AGRITECH 2018 Fair from 8th to 10th May 2018, held in Tel Aviv, Israel. The purpose of the trip was the possibility of establishing business relations with Israeli companies in the field of agricultural production. It is well known that Israel is one of the leading countries in the production of various types of fruits and vegetables with the application of advanced agro-technical measures. Israel is a country with 8.5 million inhabitants, mostly living on deserted, salty soils, and with this scarce resources it is achieving 80 percent self-sufficiency in the production of agricultural products. It imports grain, oilseeds, sugar and some meat, but it is a European greenhouse, from which Europe supplies many types of fruits and vegetables in the winter months. Israel’s surface area is 22,000 km² and only 20 percent of this surface area is cultivated (310,000 hectares), half of which is irrigated. By contrast, Croatia has a surface area of ​​56,594 km². The agricultural land used is 1.3 million hectares or 23% of the land, and 2.7 million hectares is farmland and irrigation is only applied on 18,000 hectares or 1.3 percent of currently cultivable land.
The Agricultural Equipment Cluster discussed with several companies the possibilities of production co-operation and technology transfer related to irrigation systems. It is well known that Israeli companies have developed sofisticated irrigation systems and that the application of these systems has led to such success in export of agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. Companies that Cluster met were the following: Netafim, Metzer, Rivulis, Manna, NaanDanJain, Bermad, Yüzüak. Certain interest in some form of cooperation has been demonstrated by Israeli companies and it remains to be seen which members of the Agricultural Equipment Cluster would like to develop their production program in that direction.