Agricultural Equipment Cluster – Presentation and demonstration of machinery at work on 23/05/2015 – Host Novara Coop Kft 2316 Tökö-Tukulja, Csépi út 2644/8

13. 5. 2015.

On Saturday 05/23/2015, there will be a presentation and demonstration of agricultural machinery, the host of the presentation is the company Novara Coop Kft. Hungary, which is profiled as a distributor of agricultural machinery of producers associated in the Croatian Agricultural Equipment Cluster.

The presentation and demonstration will be conducted at Novara Coop Kft., 2316 Tökö-Tukulja, Csépi út 2644/8, Hungary. The gathering of Agricultural Equipment Cluster members is planned from 8:00 – 9:00 am. The potentially interested customers and partners are invited from 9:30 – 10:00 am, because at that time the registration of those present at the event will be conducted.

At 10:00 am the biginning of the presentation and demonstration of machinery in operation in the field is scheduled. In the first part the machines intended for crop farming will be presented, and in the second part the machinery intended for fruit and wine growing will be demonstrated and finally, the machinery intended for the preparation of animal feed will be shown.

Presentation and demonstration of machinery in operation will be demonstrated by the following manufacturers:

OLT – Osijek, Eurometal – Osijek, Labinprogres-TPS – Labin, Megametal – Nedelisce, Calopek Strojarstvo – Nedelisce, Lesko – Vratisinec, Pecka – Markovac Nasicki…

Everyone is welcome. All interested parties please send your notice in advance on the mail