Planned and carried out activities in establishing Agricultural Equipment Cluster (AEC):

1. Activities oriented towards efficiency and market effectiveness of the AEC members

  • Reduction of input costs of raw materials and additional materials
  • Improving and finding new sales opportunities and markets
  • Initiative in establishing better business cooperation with foreign partners
  • Creating marketing concept of joint market actions

2.  Activities in establishing Agricultural Equipment Cluster oriented towards improving inner processes in the cluster and members itself
Rating of financial potential of the cluster and its members through a comparative analysis of the balance of account and profit and loss account, financial performance indicators, implementation of the GAP analysis of compliance with quality standards ISO 9001:2000.

  • Synthesis and analysis of data
  • Directing members towards international quality standards ISO 9001:2000
  • Development of the strategic plan of cluster initiatives, defining the vision, mission and operational plans
  • Cluster managers and cluster team training
  • Implementation of further activities in cluster development

3. Cluster activities oriented towards internationalization and international cooperation

  • Development and internationalization of the cluster
  • Connecting and cooperation with compatible EU clusters through strategic partnership in the project CEA NCK INNO-Nets as a part of the main EU initiative platform PRO INNO EUROPE
  • Training on crucial activities in developing clusters