Agricultural Equipment Cluster Ltd. achieved a strategic partnership at the EU level in cooperation with the Croatian Employers’ Association, the National Centre for clusters, through membership in the project network cluster in Central and Eastern Europe – CEE ClusterNetwork 2006-2009 within the main platform of innovation in the EU PRO INNO EUROPE, and projects:

  • Pro Inno Europe CEE ClusterNetwork (Link)
  • Cluster Excellence (Link)
  • Cluster Observatory (Link)

Benchmarking project – FEMAC, Lleida and Agricultural Equipment Cluster, Osijek (Link)

“Benchmarking Project” is conducted in collaboration with the Spanish Agricultural Equipment Cluster FEMAC from Lleida in Catalonia. The project started in 2011 by visiting delegation of FEMAC on the 19th International Autumn Bjelovar Fair in Gudovac, hosted by Agricultural Equipment Cluster. In addition to the formal introduction of Croatian agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers personal contacts have been established between members of both clusters, and some of the manufacturing experiences have been exchanged.

The goal of “Benchmarking Project” is to make the mutual comparison of data on Croatian and Spanish agricultural equipment markets as well as on the domicile manufacturers. Through this project the comparison and evaluation of specific activities between clusters will be carried out in order to come up with better business practices. The benchmarking database generated by the project will have great significance, given that the EU does not have a large number of clusters structured in a similar way, and it is in the form of the industrial clusters of agricultural machinery manufacturers. The transfer of knowledge and the exchange of experience, including detailed sharing of information between cluster managers about relationships and partnerships within clusters structured in this manner, will be enabled by this project.