Željko Erkapić, MSc – CV
Board member – CEO

Zeljko Erkapic is currently holding the position of CEO in Agricultural Equipment Cluster Ltd. This cluster project was initiated within Croatian Employer’s Association by founding National Centre for Clusters in the beginning of 2007 which included another 4 cluster initiatives apart from Agricultural Equipment Cluster. Working on that project in structuring and organizing the cluster almost for two and half years, Agricultural Equipment Cluster separated from National Centre for Clusters in July 2009 and formally was registered as Limited Liability Company. Before coming to current position, in his career Zeljko worked in several distinguished firms mainly as CEO or commercial manager. His prior education is primarily focused on economics as he graduated the Foreign Trade Faculty at Zagreb University. He also has a great deal of experience in export and import businesses. In recent years, and after 20 years of experience in the field of economy, he graduated at the postgraduate program of Entrepreneurship at University of J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek. Zeljko is also active in a scientific project ‘Gaining economic prosperity by strengthening regional competitiveness’ started by Faculty of Economics in Osijek. He coauthored several scientific studies at the same faculty. Since summer 2009, Zeljko has actively participated as a lecturer at Public Relations and Media Studies Graduate School ‘Kairos’ in Zagreb teaching introductory program called ‘Entrepreneurship Basics’.

Supervisory Board:

Tomica Črnac  – President
Danijel Bestvina – Deputy president
Vesna Fofonjka– Member


Dinko Turk – President