A member of a cluster, organization, cooperative or any other association, should become only those companies which through their active participation are willing to contribute to mutual growth and development of all its members. Only by doing so it is possible to achieve positive impact in its own growth and development.

In the Agricultural Equipment Cluster operate several companies that have profiled as a manufacturers of professional and hobby equipment including: agricultural machinery, towed machinery and equipment for agricultural production, plows, seeders, harrows, planters, tiller, fertilizers , sprayers and cultivators with agricultural tractors and combines.

Why should you join a cluster?

  • You want to place your products on the target market cluster’s:
    • industrial and agricultural conglomerates
    • Family Farms
    • buyers of agricultural machinery in the segment weekend and hobby programs
    • foreign customers (through the export of Agricultural Equipment to European market as well as North African, Russian and the American markets)
  • You want to participate in the development of innovative, high-quality and specialized agricultural machinery and equipment
  • You want your business to be more visible in national, and international level
  • You want to network with companies in the industry kindred to one you operate in
  • You want a better bargaining position towards suppliers
  • You want information and education
  • You want to exhibit at the big shows, but at lower costs
  • You want to participate in EU projects

Who can join?

Agricultural Equipment Cluster will allow any company in Croatia to become its member if they recognize their interest in such an agreement. Regarding its business activities, Agricultural Equipment Cluster welcomes all companies engaged in the production of agricultural machinery, metalworking, casting, zincing, crafting tools, springs and gears, making plastic parts, metal painting, heat treatment and all other activities in which they can upgrade their business through the exchange of experiences and collaboration with other members of the cluster.

Will you join the cluster or not? What should I give?

The purpose of any association is not mere payment of membership fees. The purpose of association is cooperation, exchange of experiences, the realization of synergy effects of joint forces, the minimisation of weaknesses and threats from the environment. A member of an organisation, clusters or associations, should become only such company which wants through its active participation contribute to mutual growth and development of all cluster members. Only by doing so it is possible to achieve positive impact in growth and development. The current distinct position in the domestic and international markets, Agricultural Equipment Cluster owes to those its members that through their active participation contribute to their own development and to the development of the cluster as a whole.

Therefore, YES, join the cluster if you are willing to proactively participate in it by:

  • learning, and using the knowledge and experiences of other companies
  • developing new ideas and forces, pointing to opportunities and needs identified in the knowledge, resources, or any other aspect of business

How to join the Agricultural Equipment Cluster?

In order to join cluster you will nees to sign up with Agricultural Equipment Cluster CEO mr. Zeljko Erkapic, by using provided contact telephone 031 251 010 and 091 4920 827 or by email zerkapic@klaster-poljomehanizacije.hr.  On this occasion you are invited to show your clear interest in joining the cluster, and the entire sign-up procedure as well as all answers to any questions you might have would be explained.