Project Slavonia, Baranya and Srijem: Consultation with key stakeholders on possibilities and limitations for metal processing industry in Slavonia, Baranya and Srijem, Vinkovci, June 13, 2019

14. 6. 2019.

The World Bank called for this meeting as part of the support to the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds (MRRFEU) in the implementation of the Slavonia, Baranya and Srijem Project. The project is an initiative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, whose goal is to support the economic development of five Slavonian counties using funds from the European Structural Funds and the state budget. The Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds is in charge of coordinating the project, with more than ten ministries participating in it. The role of The World Bank Group in this project is to provide technical assistance in support for the implementation of the main project initiatives with a special emphasis on: diagnosing the opportunities for new investments, exports and new jobs; creating the basis for planned infrastructure projects and setting the major projects priorities and strategies including integrated project program and reforms.

The consultations are held every four months, and the feedback provided will help in making a decision on the programming of EU funds for the next programming period.