Meeting organized by the World Bank on the Project Slavonia, Baranya and Western Srijem

8. 2. 2019.

The World Bank convened a meeting on the “Project Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srijem” as part of the support to the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (MRRFEU).
These meetings were scheduled to take place every four months, and the feedback that would be presented will have an impact on decision-making on EU fundraising.
The first meeting was held on October 17, 2018, and was focusing on the agri-food sector, key barriers and growth challenges of this sector, involving a total of 25 representatives of enterprises, farms, cooperatives, educational institutions, civil society and the public sector. Summary of the meeting was sent to all participants.
The purpose of this second meeting, which was held on February 6, 2019 at the Savus Hotel in Slavonski Brod which was attended by the Director of Agricultural Equipment Cluster, was to present the recommendations of the World Bank team and to launch a more detailed discussion of the proposed initiatives.
Following the presentation of the initial recommendations for the agri-food industry, based on consultation and analysis of the World Bank team, the agenda envisaged discussion on the following topics:

  1. Knowledge System and Innovation in Agriculture – How to Transfer Knowledge and Innovation to Slavonic fields;
  2. Collaboration between farmers and vertical integration for better integration of small retailers into the agricultural and food chain of value – Success stories of the “Simentalac” cooperative and small local dairy company “BIZ”;
  3. New crops with a higher added value for Slavonian farmers – a study of the success of the “Vinkovci Asparagus” cooperative.